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Meet Fred of Fred Levy Photography

A while back we interviewed Fred, Owner of Fred Levy Photography in Boston. We met Fred during our first exhibition in the New England Pet Expo. He was exhibiting there too. We really like Fred’s work and later became friends. So today, I am excited to share the interview with you.

Tell us about who you are and what inspires you to start pet photography?

I’ve loved photography since I printed my first photo and saw the image come up in the darkroom. I immersed myself in everything about photographer throughout college and followed my passions by getting a masters degree in fine arts. For many years I continued working on my craft and created many different types of work as a fine art photographer. After adopting our dog Toby, I found my focus as a pet photographer and have been creating work around portrait and pet photography.

What is the Black Dog Project and why do you think it’s important?

The Black Dogs Project started from a conversation at the dog park about how black dogs have a harder time getting adopted than other dogs. I was really surprised about this so I decided that I would like to show how beautiful black dogs are. I also wanted a challenge to improve my studio work so I decided I would shoot photos of black dogs against a black background.

What inspires you most to work with Smartcatcher as a brand ambassador?

I really like Smartcatcher as a company and a product. The product does a great job of trapping dirt from shoes and paws to keep my floors cleaner. What is also really important to me is how passionate they are about their products. They have a 5 year warranty on their products and stand behind the quality of everything they make.

What’s your favorite Smartcatcher Mats and why?

I really like the bullseye collection. Beautiful and simple design.

We’ve put together some of Fred’s photos below:

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