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Smartcatcher Doormats

Chic & Functional Doormats for Your Home and Dog(s)

Love your dog and a clean, chic home? Oh yes! But caring for your dog and keeping your house clean every day take a great deal of your time. This is why we created the Smartcatcher Doormat to help dog parents like you. The Smartcatcher Doormat outperforms ordinary doormat inside and out!

1Contemporary & Chic - The Smartcatcher Doormats come in a collection of contemporary designs with chic color palettes.  They add modern elegance to your entryway, creating a stylish yet welcoming environment.

2Trap 72% More Dirt: Made with 3M™ premium material that encompasses Advanced Scraper Technology and Super-Loops Construction, the Smartcatcher Doormat scrapes and traps 72% more dirt, sand, and debris than any ordinary doormats.

Trapping more dirt at the door reduces dirt re-tracking throughout the house.  When you reduce incoming dirt, you also reduce the time spent on cleaning floors and carpets. You get cleaner floors and carpets, and healthier indoor air too.

3. Last 3X Longer – Because Smartcatcher Doormat is made with 3M™ premium material, it is stronger and last 3X longer than an ordinary doormat.

4Superior-Comfort – Crafted with your dog’s comfort in mind, we added resilient cushioning to each doormat’s soft-textured surface. All Smartcatcher Doormats provide superior comfort to paws and feet that no ordinary doormats can match. Both you and your dog would love to walk on our doormat because of the superior comfort it brings. We guaranteed it!

5Worry-Free - The Smartcatcher Doormat has a solid vinyl backing which prevents moisture from seeping through. Whether you have custom hardwood floors or newly installed carpets, our doormat does not cause any damages.  Because Smartcatcher Doormat is water and fade resistant, you can use it anywhere indoor or outdoor.

6. 100% Safe - With premium heat-embossed edges, the Smartcatcher Doormat adheres firmly to your floor and carpet, preventing slips and creating a safe environment for you and your dog to use every day.

From apartment dwellers to homeowners, Smartcatcher Doormats have helped dog parents transform drab space into a sophisticated, welcoming environment.

No ordinary doormats can give you the modern elegance, the superior comfort, and the advanced dirt control like Smartcatcher.

When you use Smartcatcher Doormat, both you and your dog enjoy a trendier, cleaner, and happier home. We guaranteed it!



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