Our Story

We started Smartcatcher Mats because of our cats, Daisy and Momo. Daisy is an orange tabby. She loves to follow us around the house, but she’s very shy around strangers. On the other hand, Momo, an European Burmese, is happy to see visitors.  When Daisy and Momo were kittens, we lived in a small apartment in the city.  Both cats shared one litter box in a small room.  The problem was that they tracked litter all over the place.  After trying many different litter mats, we decided to create our own litter mats in hopes to contain litter effectively, and Smartcatcher Mats was born.  Today, customers use Smartcatcher Mats in many areas of their home to reduce tracking and keep floors clean.

The Founders


Hello! I am Momo. I am a fun diabetic cat. I love to ride with my family to the park. My favorite food is chicken.


Nice to meet you! I am Daisy. I love to hang out in the kitchen where I can find my favorite fish: tuna.

Our Promise

We hand-select the best quality material to make Smartcatcher mats.  All Smartcatcher mats have passed strict and thorough quality control.  If you haven’t tried Smartcatcher Mats, we hope you do soon. Because we guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied or we’ll give you money back.

Our Products

From litter mats to kitchen mats and doormats, we have a product that meet your needs.

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