Construct with advanced loops that compress and rebound to deliver cushioned comfort. The Smartcatcher Mats keeps your legs and feet comfortable all day.


The non-slip surface enhances safety – ideal for use in front of the kitchen sink, bathtub and more.


Floor restoration and replacement cost hundreds of dollars. So, it’s important to protect your floors against dirt, sand, salt, snow and water. The Smartcatcher Mats trap debris and fluid, while the waterproof solid backing to prevent seep-through.

The Smartcatcher Mats help to keep your floors protected, saving you time and money on floor maintenance, everyday!

Fast And Easy Cleaning

Just shake, vacuum or hose off.

Like the smell of rubber?

We don’t. This is why the Smartcatcher Mats are made of polypropylene with no odor emission. Safe for family with children and pets.

Compact And Durable

The Smartcatcher Mats work in many places like the kitchen, entrances, bathroom, pet area and more.

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