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The Advanced Comfort Floor Mat

Cushioned Comfort

The Smartcatcher Mats use advanced loops that compress and rebound for cushioned comfort.


The soft loops also stimulate your feet for improved circulation and relaxation.

Enhanced Safety

We designed the Smartcatcher Mats with family safety in mind. The mat catches water below the non-slip surface for enhanced safety. Edges on all sides to keep the mat in place. Use in front of your kitchen sink, bath tub and more. This safety-enhanced comfort floor mat gives you peace of mind.

All-Weather Protection

Dirt, sand, salt, snow, water and spills can damage your beautiful flooring. Protect your floors with the Smartcatcher Mats. The mat catches debris and fluids and has a solid backing to prevent seep-through. It keeps your floors clean and protected. Waterproof and mildew resistant.

No Odor Emission

Do you care about the air you and your family breathe? If you do, use the Smartcatcher Mats. The Smartcatcher Mats has no odor emission and zero impact on indoor air quality. Safe for family with children and pets.

Easy Cleaning

No washer and dryer needed. Simply shake, vacuum or hose off to clean.

Multi-Purpose Use For Home And Car

The Smartcatcher Mats are portable and durable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use the Smartcatcher Mats as a kitchen mat, bath mat, door mat, pet mat, car seat cover and cargo liner.

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