Happy Ride With Smartcatcher Mats

Flexible Coverage For All Cars

The Smartcatcher Mats offers flexible coverage for your compact car, SUV or small truck. This waterproof comfort mat provides all-weather protection for car seats and trunk. It keeps your furry friend comfortable and happy in the car. The Smartcatcher Mats is strong and durable to accommodate your dog and cat of all sizes.

Compact Cars

SUVs and Small Trucks

Horizontal Coverage

Vertical Coverage

All-Season Comfort

The Smartcatcher Mats is good for all-season use. The mat does not increase body heat, so your dog or cat wouldn’t get overheating. It gives your furry friend great comfort from summer to winter.

All-Weather Protection

The Smartcatcher Mats is waterproof and keeps dirt, sand, hair, snow and water off your car seats. The solid backing prevents seep-through for superior protection.

Fast Cleaning

No washer and dryer needed. Just shake, vacuum or hose off to clean.

Transport Easy

Roll up the Smartcatcher Mats for easy carry and storage. The Smartcatcher Mats can be used as a car seats cover, cargo liner, and in medium and large size crates.

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