We're from Boston

We make Smartcatcher Mats, the all-day comfort, all-weather protection mats that are safe for family with children and pets.

Our Quality Promise

We design Smartcatcher Mats with family safety in mind. Our mats must meet these two criteria:
1. safe for children and pets to use, and 2. contain no harmful odor. So, we only select quality material for production. All our mats must pass strict quality control.

The Inspiration

The inspiration to start Smartcatcher Mats came from our two cats, Daisy and Momo. Daisy was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. She’s an orange tabby who loves to follow us around. Momo, a brown European Burmese, is active and friendly. He loves to play with our two boys. On March 15, 2017, Momo is diagnosed with diabetes (read the blog post here).

When we lived in the city, we had limited bathroom space which we shared with our cats. Every day we had litter tracking in the entire apartment. We needed a solution to keep the litter under control. We tried almost every single litter mats in the stores, and none met our expectation in terms of functionality, comfort-level, and durability. So we decided to make our own litter mats.

Thanks to pet owners and home owners who supported us all along. You’ve helped us to make significant improvements, bringing Smartcatcher Mats to a whole new level.

Today, Smartcatcher Mats is a multi-purpose comfort floor mat used by people and furry friends.